Fitness School: Supersets 101

Welcome to Fitness School, your drop-in class on introducing you to different fitness techniques that will bulk up your workout regimen.

Today, we’re talking about Supersets! Supersets are a great tool for pushing yourself past those plateaus in your training, or just to add intensity and fat-burning moves into your workout.

What are Supersets?

Supersets are the combination of two or more moves done in succession without a break. An easy example would be pushups followed by jump-squats, or dips followed by pull-ups. If you’ve done fitness classes like body combat or boot camp, you’ve definitely done supersets. The key to supersets is making sure you don’t lag in between exercises, go straight from that set of bench presses immediately into dumbbell flys.

Why are Supersets so good?

One of the best aspects of Supersets is their versatility. If you are looking to really blast an individual muscle, you can do targeted supersets which focus on certain muscle groups. Alternatively, you can choose moves that hit all different muscle groups for a wider burn. These types of supersets are split into a few different groups:

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