Healthy Halloween Drinks: The Cocktail Trick or Treat

I love the holidays because they usually mean an extra excuse to be a little more relaxed in my meal plan…or at least thats wha I tell myself. And Halloween dismay favorite. Although now that I have reached adulthood (only in age), I’ve traded in the pillowcase full of bite size candy for cocktails at a party where at least one person mistakingly wore a child-sized superhero costume.
However, cocktails can be a huge set-back in the fitness lifestyle because most of them are packed full of sugary mixers, and some (like the Piña Colada) are even stuffed with fats. Well I want make sure that you, the Halloween revelers, and I all have a way to enjoy a cocktail or two without breaking the macro bank! Luckily, there are some amazingly tasty options and here are the best and worst!

Best Cocktails:

Worst Cocktails:

Cheers everyone! Have a great Halloween with some health conscious cocktails. Small disclaimer, drinking alcohol in any form is not exactly healthy. Be safe, be responsible, and enjoy.

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