Stretching Out Sciatica

  • The Pigeon:yoga_pigeon_pose_ART
    Starting on all fours, stretch one leg all the way out behind you with your toes pointing down. Then cross your other leg under your chest at a right angle. Once completed, switch sides.

  • Cat and Cow:
    On your hands and knees, cat-cow-stretchesexhale and round your spine up towards the ceiling, and imagine you’re pulling your belly button up towards your spine, really engaging your abs. Tuck your chin towards your chest, and let your neck release. This is your cat-like shape. On your inhale, arch your back, let your belly relax and go loose. Lift your head and tailbone up towards the sky — without putting any unnecessary pressure on your neck. This is the Cow portion of the pose.
  • Standing Roll Downs:
    Start at a neutral standing position, slowly roll down starting with your head and neck, then continuing down the spine. Imagine as though you are trying to bend down vertebrae by vertebrae. Once all the way down, inhale and exhale twice, then on an exhale roll back up keeping the same image of stacking your vertebra one at a time until you are upright.

I like to do the whole routine twice, immediately after another. It is extremely relaxing, rejuvenating, and a great way to fight and even prevent back pain.

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