Weight Loss Success with One Daily Habit

The key to weight-loss success is not a smoothie, a supplement, or a fitness fad. The most important action one can take when trying to lose weight is to keep a food diary. Yes, it takes time to write down everything consumed during the day, but the more you continue the practice, the easier and less time it will take.  Today, it is easier than ever with online Food Trackers.  A few clicks, and your results are known immediately.

Why keep a food journal?
•    Tracking the food we consume forces us to take responsibility for our food choices. It shows what we’re really eating.
•    An accurate food journal helps us see eating patterns, giving us insight into when and why we eat.
•    Monitoring the foods we eat helps us know our calorie intake, so we can make adjustments, by eating less or exercising more.
You must be accountable for all of the items you put in your mouth. I know it sounds silly or dramatic, however its true. Once you monitor/record everything you are eating the more success you will have with weight loss. It make take a little time to have food tracking become a habit, but once it does, its really just that much easier. Also, once you are more aware of the total calories in numbers you are intaking, even better! Knowledge is power, and in this case, power is weight loss!


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