13 Zero Calorie Foods for Side Dishes and Add-Ons

These foods are so low in calories that you end up burning it off just by going through your normal day. Add them to soups, salads, use as a side dish or snack on them all by themselves. Enjoy these any or all of these today!

It’s not a complete shocker to find out that celery has essentially no calories. It doesn’t provide much flavor to your dishes, but can provide a nice crunch when needed. However, if you’re snacking on these green stalks avoid eating with peanut butter or other unhealthy fillings because the calories can start piling up real quick!
Calories: 16 per 100g


In addition to its ability to  prevent cancer and heart disease, it also often ranks high weight loss foods because its low calorie count. Cabbage soup is a great way to eat cabbage because it can help keep you well hydrated, as well as full.
Calories: 25 per 100g 


The fibrous texture of asparagus means it will satisfy your hunger without adding much to your daily calorie count total.  The two best methods of cooking asparagus are grilling it or steaming it with a little salt and pepper, but be sure to go easy on the butter or oil, as that will quickly bring the calorie count right back up.
Calories: 20 per 100g 

In addition to helping the body’s cardiovascular and digestive systems, cauliflower also is also one of the lowest ranking foods on the calorie chart making it great for weight loss. You easily burn through the calories just by cooking it. Peruse through any recipe site and you’re bound to find this trendy vegetable.
Calories: 25 per 100g


Zucchini a very versatile vegetable and with its low calorie count it is also a very popular side dish that can even be incorporated into breads or sliced thinly into ribbons as a substitute for pasta. Grill it or eat it raw… it’s delicious!
Calories: 17 per 100g


Carrots help protect your eyesight, but they’re also a low glycemic food, so they can help you manage your blood glucose levels, as well as being a natural diuretic to help rid your body of excess sodium and retained water. Oh! They are also low in calories, making them great steamed with a little seasoning and dill for a great low-cal side dish.
Calories: 41 per 100g

It’s no wonder cucumbers are low in calories due to they’re high water count. This is why cucumbers make a great addition to salads or as a quick and simple snack. You can eat ’em until you’re full, while still keeping your total calorie intake down. Combined with an active lifestyle and you’ll start shedding pounds.
Calories: 16 per 100g

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