4 Reasons For The Chocolate Shortage

There is no need to start stock piling chocolate today, however, we could be running out of chocolate. Don’t go screaming and running down your block, the shortage is a possibility in 2020. Candy makers contest that it’s a “potential” that can be avoided if current farming methods get an upgrade.


What’s To Blame?

1. Greedy New Markets
China and their ever-growing population of 1,357,380,000 people have developed an ever-growing love for chocolate.

2. Disease and Drought
A fungal infection called “frosty pod” is estimated to have wiped out 30-40 percent of the world’s cocoa production. A drought in West Africa has also hurt chocolate production and it can take as long as ten years for a cocoa plant to become ready for harvest.

3. Cost
The big ups and downs in the cocoa market sent prices spiking 15 percent, continue to scare off smaller farmers from the market.

4. More Productive Crops
Bloomberg reports that more productive crops such as corn and rubber have displaced cacao farming in some areas.

Bottom line is this, no need to freak out today, just remember this when you have to dish out more dollars for your decadent treat of chocolate!


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