5 Eating Habits of Fit Women

1. Remove Temptation


Getting rid of the unhealthy stuff is just the first step. Do yourself a favor by finding healthier alternatives to your favorite treats. Many junk foods  can be made healthier at home and might even taste better!

2. Drink Water


You should know by now that water is extremely important to a healthy diet. Skip the soda (diet soda, too!), lemonade and other sugary-beverages and imbibe on some delicious water. We’ve said it before…

3. Eat Breakfast


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day ‘they‘ say and they’re right! Eating three square meals a day, plus moderate snacking, keeps your metabolism going. Plus, this will help prevent the late night binge-eating we’ve all been confronted with when dieting. Moderation is key, as well as, monitoring what you’re eating too!

4. Count Calories


Counting your calorie intake, even for  just for a month, helps give you an idea of what your daily caloric intake should look like. There are tons of great apps for iOS and Android that will keep a tally for you with 1,000s of foods in their database and will look up restaurant meals, fruits, veggies and cheeses that may not contain nutritional information on them.

5. Plan Meals

Finally, sit down and plan out your meals (including snacks) for the week and aim to purchase only those foods at the grocery store. Without a plan, you’re more likely going to reach for something unhealthy and  you will regret it later.

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