Burn Fat: 6-Minute Morning Workout

We’re all short on time these days, but luckily this quick 6-minute intense morning workout, done correctly, can help you to burn more fat.

Those of us aiming to lose weight should do these exercises first thing in the morning before eating breakfast. You can also try fasting for a few hours before an evening workout for a similar effect.  The main advantage to working out on an empty stomach is the potential to burn more fat. Your muscles don’t have a lot of excess sugar to use, so your body is more likely to tap into your stored energy (AKA fat).

Complete these 4 moves back-to-back with as little rest in-between, as possible, for optimal results!

1. 15 squats


2. 15 push-ups


3. 30 second plank


 4. 15 Bicycle Crunches



Click on to page 2 for this workout as an infographic…

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