10 Ways You Can Burn More Calories

Research shows that people who eat are more likely to maintain a healthy weight than those who skip it.

Monitor portion size - Weight loss & calorie counting - Women's Health & Fitness

2. Monitor portion sizes

Even overshooting slightly at each meal can add up to a hefty calorie excess over weeks or months – and it’s easier to skip half a spud than try to claw back a couple of kilos.


Monitor portion control for weight loss - Burm more calories - Women's Health & Fitness


3. Choose smarter snacks (they can still be scrummy)

For instance, swap a blueberry muffin for two slices of lightly buttered thin raisin toast. You’ll save around 800 kJ.

Get creative with comfort food - Weight loss tips - Women's Health & Fitness

4. Get creative with comfort foods

Need something hot and saucy? Instead of the sticky date, try porridge with reduced fat milk and fruit.

Beware high calorie drinks for weight loss - Burn more calories - Women's Health & Fitness

5. Beware high calorie bevs

While you’ll hardly notice the difference between hot chocolate with skim and full cream milk, the former will spare you up to 800 kJ. Each teaspoon of sugar you skip saves another 70-odd kJs. Also consider having one ‘luxe’ hot drink a day and trading coffee two and three for herbal or black tea. They have almost zero kJs.

Be wary of desserts - Weight loss & calorie burn - Women's Health & Fitness

6. Give desserts a dressing down

As with the pudding, you can still get key elements of favourite treats without tipping the scales. Instead of apple crumble, try a baked apple with reduced fat custard – and maybe a dash of cinnamon.


7. Make exercise easy

Find a stack of free workouts spanning cardio, strength and resistance, intervals and yoga right here on our website!

 Keep a food diary - Weight loss and calorie counting - Women's Health & Fitness

8. Keep a food diary

Become more mindful of your eating and exercise routine.

Get an accountability partner - How to burn more calories - Women's Health & Fitness

9. Get an accountability partner

Sticking to your plan (when you’re miserable and feel like you deserve the extra half spud, dammit) can be as simple as having a friend or relative who knows what you’re doing. Even if you don’t text or call them when you’re struggling, just knowing you’ll have to report in can keep you honest.

Reward your weight loss wins - Women's Health & Fitness

10. Reward your wins

If you do keep your weight on an even keel over winter – and we know you will – treat yourself to things you love like a massage, manicure or long bath. Just make sure your gift-to-self isn’t choccies!

Adapted from tips from the Dietitians Association of Australia.


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