All About Aerial Yoga

Ariel Yoga

Aerial Yoga

Have you heard of the latest fitness craze? If you like flying through the air with the greatest of ease, this might be the activity of your dreams. No, we’re not talking about taking flying trapeze lessons, even though that actually sounds like a ton of fun! It’s aerial yoga. This yoga trend is taking off all over the country with a variety of classes that cater to the daredevil in you. Are you ready to explore exactly what aerial yoga is all about? Here the low down on this high rising activity that aims to strengthen your muscles and engage your core in a whole new way.


The Equipment Involved 

Instead of just using a traditional yoga mat, in aerial yoga a soft fabric hammock is used to make a combination of yoga poses in the air and on the ground. Sometime this is referred to as “anti-gravity yoga” by some instructors. Either way, if you are a yoga lover this is a worthwhile class to explore that will add some much needed variety to your basic yoga practice.


Gets That Extra Stretch And Strengthens

The added benefit is with the aerial hammock as your assistant, you are basically going to get an extra stretch to your yoga routine. This might help to lengthen the spine and improve your overall circulation. There are some specific poses that are just used for aerial yoga, like the “cross position,” “star inversion,” and the “one legged king pigeon pose.” Take a look here at this video by the AirReal people in their beginner series, to find out exactly what aerial yoga actually looks like, if you are having trouble picturing it for yourself.

Find A Class In Your Area

It’s easy to find classes in your area, just Google it! Most of the bigger cities have studios or gyms which are exploring alternative methods of yoga. If you live in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, you might have a harder time finding aerial yoga, but even traditional yoga is going to bring you so many benefits that it’s worth looking into. Once you try this type of yoga or yoga in any form for yourself, it’s easy to get hooked on the good feelings it brings to you.

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