Brutal Booty Burn – Thighs Too!

Ready to get out of breath? Ready to feel your booty burning out of control? You’ve come to the right place! This is a 30 minute routine that focuses on lower body – your big muscles – which will get your heart rate up and pumping, burning lots of calories. Give 100% effort, its a short period of time and you want maximum results. The “Active” rests will keep your heart rate elevated too. You should burn about 300+ calories based on your exertion level. Add an ab routine at the end to round out the workout! Have fun!

Format: 5 Groups of 2 Exercises: AB / AB Format :: 10 Reps :: 20 Seconds Active Rest. You will need dumbbells.

Here are the moves:

Squats & Deadlifts
Ski Squats & Deadlifts Toes In
Sumo Squats & Deadlifts Toes Out
Curtsy Lunge & Side Lunge
Jump Squats & Lateral Jumps



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