Halloween Tips For a Healthier Holiday

I’d like to thank my friend Kim Eagle of Earn That Body for these great tips! She should know, she has been named the best trainer in Austin multiple times – check her out and see for yourself! Anyway, thanks Kim!


If you don’t feel like being 5 pounds heavier on Monday, here are my tips for you..

1. One cocktail Halloween night!
Instead of drinking all evening, how about you pick your ONE drink of the night? Nurse it all night long and HYDRATE with water! You will thank me for this Sunday morning!

2. Pick 2 Pieces of Candy!
You know when you are following your kids from house to house as they trick-or-treat, and you start picking through their pillow case full of candy? Well, instead of eating SO MUCH CANDY IT MAKES YOU SICK, pick your 2 favorites NOW.  Literally tell yourself “okay, I’m going to have one Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and one small pack of the M&Ms”.  Tell your spouse/partner your plan so they hold you accountable!  Trust me, if you have a plan, it will really help you stay on track!

halloween candy

If you don’t think your kids need to eat an entire pillow case full of candy, here are my tips.

1. When you get home from your trick-or-treating event, have your child pick 5-7 pieces of their favorite candy from their bag!  Then offer them $5 for the rest of the candy!  Donate that sweets to the dentist (many dentists collect the candy to give to the homeless) OR you can donate it to another cause. You can also offer your kids a small Lego set in exchange for that candy!

2. Educate your kids as to why they don’t need that much candy (bad for your teeth, sugar is hard on the body, eat in moderation, etc.)

REALITY: If that bag of candy stays in the house, YOU WILL EAT IT TOO! If your child picked their TOP 5-7 pieces, you CAN’T eat it!!! They would be SO sad if you did!  Helps keep you accountable!  WOO HOO!

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