Upgrade your Plank

The plank is awesome move for targeting your core, but in fact, it’s a total-body exercise that helps sculpt your arms, shoulders and legs, as well. You can get toned abs quicker by challenging yourself on your next plank by adding one of these upgrades to your standard basic plank.

Unclasped Hands.


Clasping your hands in elbow plank makes the exercise easier on your abs (and can cause your shoulders to round) so unclasp your hands and focus on creating a long line with your body, shoulders and back, instead.

Palms Up.


In the forearm plank position, flip of your hands so your palms are facing up. This change will add extra challenge to your underused arm muscles and will also force you to engage more of your core muscles.



The straight-arm plank is more difficult than the forearm (elbow) plank. Spot, if you need of a more challenging plank, straighten those arms and focus on perfecting the plank with just your hands. For an even greater challenge, go up on to your knuckles with a closed fist!



The more unstable you are, the more you work your core muscles. By resting your forearms or palms on a BOSU (or even an exercise ball) you will be even more challenged



If you’re up for an even greater challenge, there are many different ways you can turn the basic plank into something much harder. Check out these harder planks for a sweat-inducing, core-blasting, workout.

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