Resistance Bands: A Gym in Your Handbag

61mUtN3oY0L._SY355_It can be hard to get into the gym as often as you would like. Sometimes we don’t have access to a gym, or there is too much to do at home, or you simply don’t want to pay the mounting costs of a membership. There are some great options for getting in a solid workout at home, not to mention some brilliant at-home equipment, but few are more cost-effective and body smart than resistance bands.

…one of the best pieces of home equipment you can buy

Resistance bands are one of the best pieces of home equipment you can buy because of their versatility. They can range in size & strength, can work for compound moves or isolation of certain muscles, help with rehabilitating muscles as well as work as effective partners for stretching and yoga work. Resistance bands are used by doctor’s to help patients get their strength back, and bodybuilders to shape and cult their muscles to better proportions. These bands are truly remarkable pieces of equipment and won’t put a major dent in your savings to purchase.

Most high quality resistance bands range between $15 for a set of two, to a full consortium of sizes and thickness for close to $50. Whichever way you go, it’s less than a month’s gym membership. Resistance bands can be added into your daily workout routine pretty seamlessly. When working out your whole body, resistance-band squats or reverse lunges are great options. Is it back and bis day for you? Then try resistance-band curls, and seated resistance-band rows. There are even full workouts created by fitness models and bodybuilders available online for at-home sessions.

These fitness tools definitely pack firepower into your workout arsenal and can keep your entire body toned up and beach ready all through the winter.

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