1000 Calorie Burn!

Set aside 45 minutes or so to nail this pyramid style workout. You may need more time, and that is completely fine. Take breaks if you need to. The most important thing – is to reach the 1000 calories burned. You will want to wear your heart rate monitor to accurately measure your numbers. You won’t need any equipment at all. 

Here’s how it works. 10 Moves: 10 Rounds: Each round you will add an additional rep for each move. So, round 1 you will do 10 total reps, one of each below. Round 2 you will do 20 total reps two of each below.

Here are the moves:
1) Sit Up
2) Decline Pushups
3) Weighted Squats
4) Broad Jump
5) Burpee
6) Russian Twist
7) 10 High Knees with a Power Up
8) In and Out Mountain Climbers
9) Ninja Jump Tuck
10) Jump Lunges



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