12 Ways To Be Healthier

Want to lose weight? Sleep better? Boost your immune system? Here’s 12 ways you can start…

1. Lie down
Back pain can be avoided and the damage you done can be repaired with one easy exercise: lie down on the floor with your knees bent, hip width apart, feet on the floor. You should do this for 5-to-15 minutes a day to release the stress on your spine and also to lengthen your spine.

2. Track your food
We’ve all heard that crash diets don’t work in the long run. Instead, try to maintain a food diary to keep track of your daily eating habits. This will make you more conscious about what you eat, what you put in your body and help you to make healthier choices each day.

3. Take deep breaths
Breathing powers our lymphatic system, which removes waste from cells. By simply taking 10 deep breaths, three times a day, you can clear more toxins and boost your thinking power by getting 20% more oxygen to your brain.

4. Put your fork down
You may have hear this one before, but it’s a good one if you have trouble with portion control. Put your fork down between every mouthful of food. Simple. It makes you chew your food properly, preventing digestive problems, and can also prevent you from over-eating.


5. Make a list
One of the most effective ways to fight stress is to make a list. Your short term memory can only remember, on average, seven things. So when you overload it , your stress level escalate. Making a list can clear out a lot of the cluttered reduce stress from your brain. This can also help to prevent headaches, curb depression and even help with your high blood pressure.

6. Massage your feet
Poor circulation could be the culprit  behind sleepless nights. Your temperature needs to drop ever so slightly before you fall asleep, so your body dispels heat through your face, hands and feet, but many women have poor circulation, which can constrict the blood vessels in your hands and feet and prevent  them from releasing heat. A hot bath before bedtime or a haorganic-applend and foot message can also help increase circulation.

7. An apple a day… organic.
If you’re looking to go organic, start with apples. Research finds that apples can contain some of the highest amounts pesticide residue. Nearly 71% of apples contain pesticides, which makes them one of the highest fruits or vegetables out there.

8. Change your tea bag
When it comes to drinking tea “white” is the new “green”. White tea comes from the same plant as the green and black variety, but is harvested earlier, when the leaves are smaller, and processed less, which helps to keep more the cancer-fighting antioxidants.

9. Eat dried apricots
The most common nutritional deficiency is iron, especially in women.This can result in feeling tired more often, being irritable or having a lack of concentration. You can prevent iron deficiency without eating red meat by helping yourself to 3 dried apricots per day.

10. Stop skipping meals
Eating three meals a day is important for a healthy body. It’s one of the simplest ways to balance blood sugar levels in the body and keep your mood, energy and concentration balanced and improve your stress tolerance.

11. Keep it raw
Always try to include some raw vegetables in your diet. Many of the vitamins and minerals in vegetables can be lost through the cooking process, so you can never go wrong by eating it raw.

12. Focus on how you feel
Take a couple minutes each day to focus on your thoughts and feelings. The instant gratification of identifying your emotions will have far grater results down the road than an extra two-minutes of lunges.

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