3 Easy Things to Do Everyday Add Years to Your Life

Did you know that five or more hours of sitting per day is equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes? That’s scary. We are a nation of sitters. Whether we are at work, or at home, the majority of people are engaging in activities – reading, writing, watching – while sitting down. Are you reading this while sitting?

What does the research show?
More and more research is showing that the more time you spend sitting each day, outside of regular exercise – the shorter your lifespan may be. Exercise is key to longevity and living a healthy life, however the research shows that even this cannot counter act the excessive sitting that is pervasive in today’s society. Total sitting time correlates directly with rises in cases of diabetes, heart disease, and back issues.

What can you do to get out of the sitting cycle?

#1: Change to a Standing Desk
You can implement a standing desk at your office. This can definitely take some getting used to, however, the benefits far out weigh sitting at your desk all day.

standing desk 1

#2: Stand Up Every 20 Minutes
Not ready to commit to the standing desk yet? Science says that you should stand up every 20 minutes. Think of this as a physical reboot. Go grab some water and take a little walk around the office – this will dramatically reduce you risks of developing diabetes and heart disease – best part here is that you only need to be up for 1-2 minutes to see the positive results.

20 minutes

#3: Vary Your Workstation Locations
Why not hop around to different workstations? Create a to do list by location. You can start the day at your office, and mid day move to a coffee shop or community hangout for a few hours, then finish the day at your home office. The walking between locations gets you up on your feet, which is the overall goal. And the task list by location will keep the work flow going!

to do list

One more positive fact: reducing your sitting time to less than 3 hours each day could increase your life expectancy by up to two years! Now its up to you!

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