Morning Boost with This 5-Min Stretch Routine

Waking up doesn’t need to require coffee and a cold shower. You can actually power up with a few key stretches and exercises. This five minute routine is all about getting the body going in a healthy, natural way that will give you energy throughout the day and not leave you needing a vent latte 30 minutes later.

1) Inchworm to Upwards Dog
2) Plank to Downwards Dog
3) Squat with Side Crunches
4) Groiners
5) Alternate Lunges

Interval: 5 Exercises – 50secs Workout – 10secs Rest
Sets: Complete 1 set to gently wake your body up or 2 sets for a deeper stretch. 
Duration: 5 minutes (1 set)
Estimated Calorie Burned: 30 – 40Cals
Best Result: Perform this workout every morning on an empty stomach to increase your energy level, boost your metabolism & to have an AMAZING day ahead!

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