Overcoming Exercise Excuses

There area lot of reasons people give for not exercising, but very few of those people have really weighed their options and just gone for the easy way out. However, in today’s world of heightened stress, health issues, and pollution, exercises and a healthy lifestyle have never been more important. So, with the help the American Heart Association, I have researched the answers to some of the most common excuses for not going to the gym or exercising on a regular basis. remember, we’re not saying you have to workout every day for 3 hours, but regular exercise is a key component to keeping healthy, inside and out.

  • Lack of Time:dont-give-up-motivation_v2
    By far the most common excuse, used by the young and old. The AHA suggests you monitor your daily schedule for a week and find 30 minute slots for exercise. These slots don’t have to be filled with the gym or a sport, but maybe climbing the stairs in your office building, or walking around the neighborhood. Easy solutions to an easy excuse.
  • Don’t have friends or family that will go with me – It is definitely easier to workout and stay focused with a partner, but not having one is no excuse. Try explaining your health and fitness goals to friends, family, and co-workers and ask for support. Some may join you in exercising, while others may offer you their own helpful hints for keeping fit alone.
  • Lack of Energy & Motivation:
    Often times, these naysayers think about exercising when they are most tired, like when they get off work. The key to staying energized and maturated for exercise is finding was time of day you feel more amped up. Schedule in time for exercise during the periods you know you’ll be feeling good. Maybe just after you wake up, or on your lunch break. Planning ahead makes for successful completion of goals.
  • Lack of Resources or Equipment:
     I love the gym. I love hitting weights. But to think you need weights or machines to get a good workout is just not the case. There are a vast amount of sports and exercise that require nothing but you and you alone. For inspiration, try finding some at-home workouts online for more guided exercise or simply get out there and run around the block a few times.
  • Constant Travel for Work or Pleasure:
    Being on the road a lot does make exercise difficult but far from impossible. Try booking hotels with pools or gyms in them. If that’s not available, pack a jump rope, running shoes, or resistance bands in your luggage. The Internet is full of hotel-room workouts, or you could get to know where you are better by going out for a jog.

It isn’t always easy fitting in exercise, but there are ways to make it happen and people to help you along the way. It’s all part of working towards a healthy lifestyle.

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