3 Motivating Tips for Well-Defined Abs

I don’t know many women who wouldn’t love to have flat, well-defined pack abs. The problem is it’s extremely difficult to reach that goal – especially for women.

Rock hard abs takes tremendous discipline and nobody with discipline will say it’s easy. Whether you are looking to lose a few pounds or are looking for a complete lifestyle change, don’t let yourself fail as a result of your excuses. Here are a few helpful tips keep you on track when you feel like making excuses:

#1: Always tell your friends and family about your goals.

Telling your acquaintances about your goals is great. Some will take you serious and some won’t. But the reasoning behind this is that they can help you be on track. When you are genuine with people they respect that, and sometimes are willing to help you out.

#2: Set goals with friend.

Often times having a workout partner or a dieting parter will make things better for everyone. Besides a little competition, a little encouragement from a workout buddy makes a huge difference. Pick someone that you enjoy being with and someone that you know will help you when you feel down about yourself. Friends are incredible at motivating each other and making you feel great about yourself.

#3: Write down your goals (and rewards!).

Yes. Get an actual pen and paper – not the Notepad app on your phone 😉 – and jot down all of your health and fitness goals on the left side of the page. Next to each goal, write down a “reward” on the right side. For example:

Goal #1: Lose 5 pounds this month.
Reward #1: Buy a new pair of jeans.

Make sure each goal you set is very specific and try to make them very personal, too.  This will help you develop the mental changes that will change your subconscious.

Getting in the abs you want is harder than it looks. It takes real discipline and full tim commitment. However, the rewards are priceless and the amount of confidence you get when you reach your goals is truly amazing. Even if you’re simply looking to create a healthier lifestyle for your family and kids, it’s worth it. Stay focused. Stay determined!

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