500 Rep Challenge!

This 500 rep challenge is a killer workout that will give you an idea of how strong you are and help you figure out where you may need to build more strength. A 500 rep workout challenge is also a great way to see how you compare to other people. The 500 rep challenge is great for a day that you’re feeling strong, confident and looking to try out a tough workout. We don’t recommend you try this brutal 500 rep workout the day after a tough workout.

Here are the moves:

1) 200 reps of jumprope
2) 50 reps battlerope wave
3) 50 reps kettlebell swings
4) 25 reps pushups
5) 100 reps alternating lunges
6) 25 reps lateral box jumps
7) 25 reps frogger jumps
8) 25 reps wall ball throw



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