Eccentric Stairs Workout

Today we’ve got a butt and thigh workout for women called the Eccentric Stairs Workout. It’s a series of killer butt and thigh moves that will tone and burn fat at the same time. Each of these leg exercises is done on the way down the stairs, with a quick run up the stairs in between exercises, meaning this is strength and cardio all in one!

Do each of these legs and butt exercises for the number of stairs you’ve got to work with on the way down, then jog up the stairs and move on to the next exercise:

Here are the moves:

1) Jump Squats — Awesome exercise for legs and butt
2) One-Leg Jumps (each side) — A total balance challenge
3) Squat Jacks — Works the thighs and raises the heart rate
4) Skier Jumps — A great cardio move
5) Side Lunges (each side) — An awesome thigh exercise
6) Reverse Lunges — Challenging butt exercise


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