The truth about… Cold-Pressed Juicing

The health and fitness industry is full of ideas fads and crazes… luckily, a lot of real-life science is being conducted on many of these – sometimes questionable – theories and we’re here to breakdown the data for you.

Today, we’re looking at the concept of cold-pressed juicing, and while advocates aren’t making fantastical claims – we’re looking at you cookie diet – it’s still worth taking a deeper look to get to the truth!

What is Cold-Press Juicing?

cold-pressed-juicingThe theory is that slowly juicing various fruits or vegetables reduces heat and maximizes the nutritional value of the final products… therefore, cold-pressing should be better for you. Additional claims from juicing-advocates suggest that juicing get absorbed into your body quicker without the need for your system to breakdown fiber found in fruits and vegetables.

Traditional juicing generally uses high-speed blades to quickly de-juice fruits and vegetables that results in heating the end result, and if you’ve paid attention to the “raw” diet craze, you’d be inclined to believe this deteriorates the nutrients in said juice.

When buying these drinks in the store, they are marketed as being more raw,  more fresh, and more nutritious.

A quick glance at the theory and the concepts of cold-pressed juicing seem to make sense…

The research says…

Accordingly a recent article published in The American Journal of Medicine from clinical research done on 65 patients at Mayo Clinic, science doesn’t support these claims.

“…there’s almost no evidence out there” -Lydia Bazzano, a professor in nutrition research at Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine.

Unfortunately, there also appears to be little evidence that juicing, in general, is any better for you than consuming whole fruits and vegetables either. Mazzano goes onto say that in the body juicing reacts similarly to the rapid sugar load you get from drinking a soda!

“The actual fruits have fiber, which is indigestible, and slows the glucose and fructose absorption in you body… It’s better to eat your fruits and veggies than juice them.”

Well, there you have it! If you’re a fan of scientific research – and we hope you are – research says that cold-pressed juicing isn’t better for you than regular juicing. Also, juicing, in general, is worse for you than eating whole fruits and vegetables… but you already knew that!


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