Battle of the (Bra) Bulge

We’re not talking about the major German offensive battle in Belgium at the end of World War II, but the unsightly skin that rests between your arm pit and your chest.  While body fat could be the culprit, changing your diet alone won’t necessarily solve this problem.

If you’ve ever noticed women with implants have very little of this extra tissue, that’s because increasing the size of your chest by adding implants (or muscle in this case) can help to fill out that skin.  Here are 3 exercises focusing on chest and back to help fill out this problem area.


Step 1:

Position yourself on all fours and align your knees under your hips and your wrists directly under your shoulders. Step back with both feet until you are balancing in a traditional pushup position with your palms and toes holding you up.
Step 2:
Bend your elbows and keep them close to your sides as you lower your upper chest toward the floor without actually touching.
Step 3:
Engage your chest muscles and press yourself back to a high pushup position.

Reps: Perform as many pushups as you can in one minute. 3 sets.


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