Battle Rope for Beginners

If you’ve been to a gym in the last 6 months or so, you’ve unquestionably seen someone swinging around a large heavy rope and that’s because these ropes do more than just tone your arms, abs and shoulders, but they also give you a killer cardio workout and burn as many calories as a 10-minute run. These are called “Battle Ropes” and you will soon find out why they’ve been labeled as “wind sprints for your arms“. The first time out, 20 seconds of waves will feel like forever, but over time you’ll quickly adapt and be able to maintain a consistent pace and intensity for several minutes.

The Equipment

When shopping for a rope, the rule of thumb is the longer and thicker the rope, the harder it is to battle. Go for a rope that’s about 1.5″ thick and 50 ft long to give you a pretty difficult challenge and a rope that will last for a while.

1.5″ x 50′ rope will run you just over $100, which isn’t cheap, but should last you a lifetime.



First, start with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent, grab the ends of the rope with palms facing each other and your thumbs on top. Avoid too tight of a grip, which can quickly tire you out.

Next, quickly alternate bringing one hand and then the other up to shoulder height to make “wave” with the rope.

Reps: Ten 15-second battle rope intervals with 45-second breaks in between.

Trainer’s Tip: Think of your arms as extensions of the rope and engage your core to help power through the set.


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