H.I.I.T. Hard: 8 min. for a Total Body Workout (no equipment needed!)

High-Intensity Interval Training requires you to do short periods of strong and fast exercises followed by slower less-intense activities or rests. It’s the most efficient way to burn fat, boost your metabolism, and build cardiovascular strength. The day after a H.I.I.T. training session, your body will burn more calories than it would after a more steady-paced workout. The exertion your body uses during a H.I.I.T workout will give you FAST results in a short period of time.

This 8-minute video gives modifications for all of the high-intensity exercises. That not only makes these moves accessible to beginners, but you can also alternate between the more challenging and less challenging choices if you’re starting to exhaust your muscles. If you only have time to do the video once during the day, I recommend waking up 8 minutes earlier and starting your morning with it: you’ll not only be burning more calories all day but you will feel more energized and happy. If you want to get a killer 30-minute workout in, then do the exercises in this video four times in a row.

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