Beyoncé Butt Workout

A round and lifted booty takes work. The workouts you need to do will have to work each and every side of your tush. That means including your hips, core, hamstrings and quads. All the moves below will accomplish this need. A few of these moves will require you to tap into your balance. Balance is something you should work on all the time – our balance, just like our muscle tone diminishes as we age. Practice the balancing moves slowly and precisely – performing the moves in this manner, will build your balance strength, while toning your tush! Have fun!

Here are the moves:

Plie Squat with Front Raise
Deep Lunges
Squat to Kickback
Cross Lunges
Squat to Lateral Leg Lift
Side Squat to High Knee
Bridge Raises
Kneeling Leg Extensions
Fire Hydrant
Squat Jumps



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