Bikini Body Pilates!

Today we are targeting your tush, thighs and abs! I enjoyed this workout because its slow controlled movements no high impact stuff. I’ve been doing a ton of HIIT and plyometric workouts, so this is a welcome change. If you haven’t done mat Pilates you are in for a treat. These movements are no joke. The Hundreds – holy moly – great ab burn, incredibly challenging. You can modify my adjusting the location of your legs, since they will be in table top position, the further they are away from you the more difficult the move. Remember if your neck starts to hurt or feel uncomfortable, gently place one of your at the base of your skull for support.

I think you will like the 3 Way Side Leg Raises – a serious leg burn!

Keep your abs super tight with this move – slow and steady – the variations with slight tweaks to your feet and toes is amazing! I could feel the toning happening with each move! Tight, solid and strong legs is what we are working for!

The Large Leg Circles had me really having to concentrate on keeping my lower back pressed into the mat, my abs tight and my hips stationary. Writing that is reminding me of what a burn this move was.

The workout winds up with Hip Raises and Seated Straight Leg Lifts– I swear I never remember how tough these move are. Bring your feet close together to engage your core even more all while keeping your heels digging firmly into the ground. The most challenging part for me was the single leg version. Hope you enjoy this one!



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