Boosting Your Immune System by Transforming Fear into Gratitude

Boost Your Immune System by Transforming Fear into Gratitude

Supporting a strong and healthy immune system is now more important than ever. While much research has been done into how a person can strengthen their immune system through their diet, according to New York Times bestselling author Joe Dispenza, you may be able to boost your immune system by changing your mindset as well. 

How Your Mindset Affects Your Immune System

At first glance, the idea that you can boost your immune system by changing your mindset may sound like pseudoscience. When you break down how this process works, though, the entire method is really quite simple and logical. 

According to Dispenza, when your body is focused on protecting you against perceived threats that you create yourself through fear and anxiety, it isn’t able to put as much energy toward protecting you from actual threats. If you are able to rid yourself of internal threats such as fear and anxiety, though, your body has more energy to put toward strengthening your immune system – the system in charge of protecting against external threats. 

The benefit, Dispenza says, can be dramatic. “Changing your fear to gratitude, appreciation, and kindness for just 10 minutes a day, three times a day, can strengthen your immune system by 50%,” he explains. “If you don’t give your power to other people or circumstances, you can be less susceptible to conditions in your environment,” Dispenza continues, “Your immune system will say, ‘I got this. I have a lot of energy here.'”

For decades, doctors have told patients suffering from an incredibly wide range of diseases that a positive outlook is something that is able to benefit them in a powerful way. Now, Dispenza’s research is creating a logical foundation for these oft-made claims. 

Change Your Mindset to Improve Your Health

According to Dispenza, gratitude is the most powerful mindset that you can adopt in order to reduce your stress load and thus improve your immune system. Gratitude, Dispenza explains, is the emotional opposite of fear and stress as well as being a mindset that is easier than most to adopt. 

By practicing thankfulness, reminding yourself regularly of all the things you have to be grateful for, and attempting in every instance possible to replace fear with gratitude, you can at the very least improve your mental health in a real and lasting way. According to Dispenza, doing so may be able to improve your physical health and your immune system in a real and lasting way as well. 

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