Clean and Press: Legs and Shoulder Workout

Clean-and-press-exercise_v2Most guys definitely aren’t afraid to hit the weights, lifting heavy  weights and trying different moves – this stereotype doesn’t apply to everyone – and it shouldn’t because lifting like a “guy” won’t make you look like a “guy”.

A clean and press together adds more work for your cardio, shoulders and arms. Once you’ve cleaned the bar, stand up and press the bar above your head.


  1. Start with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart.
  2. Bend your knees and put one hand on hip or by your side and the other with weight on the floor.
  3. Extend legs and upper body with your arm straight and the weight now by your thigh.
  4. Put your shoulders back and activate your abs. Keep a slight bend in the knee to avoid over-extension.
  5. Lift the weight to your shoulder and press up to the sky.
  6. Come back down to start position in three consecutive movements.

Trainer’s tip:
Keep your wrists straight, not bent, unlike the picture — sorry, bad habit!

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