Move of the Day: Stability Ball Knee Tucks

stability-ball-knee-tucksOk kids… I know that this looks challenging, you don’t know the half of it. Not only is this tough on the quads and core, the real challenge for me is balancing and shoulder strength. Take this move slowly, and try to do 3-5 working up to one 1 full minute. This is a full body move.

Start in a push-up position with your feet on the ball. Engage your core and lift your hips so your back is flat before starting. Keep your back flat and try not to raise you hips as you draw your knees to your chest.

Susy Sedano is a Content Producer at Eat Fit Fuel, a fitness enthusiast and an avid cook of healthy meals. She prides herself on creating healthy dishes for family and friends, and is always on the hunt for new workouts and recipes! Despite her hectic non-stop work and fitness schedules, she is a “girl’s girl” and a student of life!
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