Coconuts. More Potassium than a Banana!

Coconuts can make a delicious all-natural snack after a workout. They contain more potassium than most sports drinks and just edges out bananas, as well.

Getting fresh coconut milk straight from the source is the best choice, but opening those darn coconuts can be tricky… until now!

You don’t need much, but a drill (or screwdriver), a container, a heavy knife and lastly, a dish towel.

Now, to remove the coconut water, the simplest way is to drill a hole through two of these pores. One to let air in and the other to let the coconut water out. You can get the coconut water out with just one hole, but it’s a whole lot easier with two. Also, one of the 3 “bowling-ball” holes at the top will be much, much easier to pierce and can be done by pushing it through with a screwdriver.

With the coconut water out, getting to the meat, is a little trickier, but we have a suer helpful trick. Watch the video to learn how!


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