Blast Your Booty Stairs Workout!

Running stairs is an extremely effective way to blast your butt and entire lower body. If you don’t have stair in your house, you can head outside and find some stairs in your neighborhood! Put on your favorite music and in 30 minutes you will be on your way to a stronger and more shapely derrière!

1 minute: Run up and down the stairs.

1 minute: Tricep Dips – using the stairs as your bench

1 minute: Head up the stairs, taking them two at a time.

1 minute: Forward Lunges – use the bottom stair and step on to the first or second step.

1 minute: Push Ups – put your feet on the second or third stair, hands on the ground.

1 minute: Double Jumps – starting on the ground, jump both feet onto the first step, then back to the ground.



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