Tasty Fiberful Smoothies To Keep You Satisfied

Tasty Fiberful Smoothies

Smoothies can be an amazing way to get a nutritional boost of vitamins and nutrients. The whole goal with drinking a smoothie, as a possible meal replacement or snack, is to keep you satisfied until your next meal. That can be difficult, unless you are putting the right ingredients into your blended beverage. Those should include fruits, veggies, and nuts with high fiber content. Or you can even use beans! Trust us, it tastes better than it sounds and the fiber from the beans is what keeps you fuller longer. Simple, right? It’s just that easy to load up your homemade smoothies with fiberful ingredients to keep you satisfied. Here are three of our top favorite bean enhanced smoothie recipes with extra fiber goodness.

Beanie Berry Beauty Smoothie

2 Cups cooked white beans

1 banana

1 Cup frozen mixed berries

1 ½ Cups almond milk (soy, cashew, or coconut works too!)

Handful of ice


Blend well together and drink. Don’t worry about the bean content here, because that’s where the extra fiber comes from. The beans thicken up the smoothie and the taste is disguised by the fruit. Trust us, it tastes amazing! This will definitely keep you satisfied until your next meal.


The Black And Blue Smoothie

2 Cups cooked black beans

1 Cup fresh or frozen blueberries

1 handful red grapes

2 Cups of water

Handful of ice


Blend together well and drink. Keep in mind most of these smoothies are best made with high powered blender that will really pulverize all your smoothie ingredients into the smooth drink you are looking for.



Nuts For Beans Smoothie

1 Cup white beans

¼ All natural peanut butter

1 Cup nut milk

1 Cup water

½ banana


Blend together well and drink. If you like the taste of peanut butter and bananas, you’ll love this smoothie which is packed with extra fiber and protein. This will keep you satisfied when you are on the go and can’t sit down to eat a proper meal. Another helpful tip is to buy BPA free travel drinking containers that you can easily fill with your favorite smoothie meal. Most of these are insulated so that your smoothie will stay cooler for longer periods of time.

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