10 Best DHEA Supplements to Boost Your Health in 2023

DHEA Supplements

DHEA, or dehydroepiandrosterone, is a hormone produced naturally by the adrenal glands that play an essential role in many biological functions. While we age, however, our DHEA levels begin to fall, resulting in adrenal insufficiency and many detrimental health consequences.

DHEA supplements may be the answer you’ve been looking for to improve your general health, increase your energy levels, and improve your mood.

To do this, you can induce or support healthy DHEA levels, by including high-quality DHEA supplements in your daily routine.

We’ve done the studying for you and produced a list of the Top 10 finest DHEA Supplements of 2023 in this article, so you can choose the best one for your needs, and begin feeling like your best self.

Benefits of Taking DHEA Supplements

Why Should You Take DHEA Supplements?

A DHEA supplementation does many different things to your body, like making testosterone or estrogen if you don’t have enough of those hormones. 

DHEA supplementation is a natural hormone booster that helps to produce female sex hormones and male sex hormones. In that case, your body will use DHEA for things like metabolism, aging, and general health.

As you age and your DHEA amounts decrease, you will likely have several health problems. In particular, people with depression, adrenal insufficiency, lupus, obesity, inflammation, osteoporosis, heart disease, or adrenal tiredness could benefit from a DHEA supplement. 

Low amounts of DHEA may also make you age faster, and make you more likely to get type 2 diabetes or several mental illnesses.

Cortisol is also bad for DHEA, meaning stress levels can lower the amount of this essential hormone in your body. 

Since you can’t get DHEA from food, it’s often an excellent decision to take a DHEA supplement to add to what your adrenal cells can make on their own.

The basic active ingredients in DHEA supplements are Dehydroepiandrosterone and DHEA sulfate.

The 10 Best DHEA Supplements

1. Superior Labs Extra Strength Natural DHEA

Superior Labs - DHEA Supplements
Superior Labs -DHEA Supplements
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All of the ingredients in this DHEA supplementation have been checked for heavy metals and bacteria that are often found in plants and could be dangerous. 

This pure DHA supplement is made without GMOs, and its quality is tested for safety, strength, and purity. 

There are no pesticides, allergens, or fillers in these veggie capsules. Besides pure DHEA, these pills only have natural rice flour and plant cellulose.

The vegetarian pills with 100 mg DHEA are easy to take and can be consumed once or twice a day. With 60 pills in the bottle, this product will last between one and two months. 

Side Effects of Taking DHEA Supplements
DHEA Supplements

2. Horbaach DHEA

Horbaach - DHEA Supplements

Horbaach – DHEA Supplements
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One of the best DHEA supplementation that helps your muscle strength, stay healthy, and your adrenal glands work well.

This product is excellent for keeping your muscles in good shape and getting rid of worry. Horbaach DHEA 100 mg also helps older people who work out with weights build more strength.

This food is made without yeast, gluten, lactose, or added colors or flavors. It is made from DHEA sources that meet the strict purity standards of the company and are not GMO.

3. Zhou Nutrition DHEA

Zhou Nutrition - DHEA Supplements
Zhou Nutrition – DHEA Supplements
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This is the best way to help both men and women age healthily. The mixture lets you get the right amount of DHEA to slow the aging process and clear your mind. 

With just one veggie capsule a day, this supplement can help you get your DHEA levels back to where they should be.

Zhou Nutrition has a strict quality assurance process for its DHEA supplements. They also follow procedures and documentation routines to ensure that each product has the specific strength, purity, and content written on the bottle. 

This means that when people buy this pill, they can be sure they will receive exactly what is listed.

4. Extra Strength DHEA by Sheer Strength Store

Sheer Strength - DHEA Supplements
Sheer Strength – DHEA Supplements
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Sheer Strength’s DHEA supplement is made with a formula that ensures it is of the best quality and doesn’t have any fillers, gluten, or GMO ingredients. They also confirmed it was made from only plants so that vegans could eat it.

A more significant dose seems to be a good choice for women who are going through menopause, or struggling with hormonal imbalances that change how their bodies look.

Remember that this can be more expensive than the suggestions above, as the amount per capsule is higher.

5. Pure Encapsulations DHEA

Pure Encapsulations - DHEA Supplements
Pure Encapsulations – DHEA Supplements
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This DHEA vitamin is the one that is easiest to take in. Micronizing the pharmaceutical-grade DHEA helps your body use it as well as it can. 

Pure Encapsulations is dedicated to making its allergen-free supplements with only high-quality ingredients that can provide you the results you want in the way you would expect.

This DHEA vitamin is excellent for sensitive people because it has no fillers, GMOs, gluten, magnesium, hydrogenated fat, artificial colors, sweeteners, or GMOs. 

Pure Encapsulations made this DHEA supplement with the help of experts in genetics, mental health, regulating weight, and immunology, among other fields.

6. Natrol DHEA

Natrol DHEA Supplements
Natrol DHEA -Supplements
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This Natrol DHEA mixture gives you DHEA to improve your mood and make you feel less stressed. It helps keep hormone levels in balance and supports a good mood.

Natrol DHEA Mood & Stress pills are made for vegetarians and don’t have yeast, wheat, corn, egg yolks, milk, soy, gluten, or sugar. Each capsule has 60 mg of calcium and 50 mg of DHEA.

7. Bulk Supplements DHEA Powder

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This is the best choice if you want greater oversight over your doses or don’t like swallowing pills. This clean, pure powder comes in a sealed foil bag to keep it fresh.

Users should start with 5mg of this powder daily and work up to 25mg daily throughout one to two weeks. This vitamin helps improve bone density, reduce inflammation, and support mental health. 

It is also used to help older people keep their mental focus. With a healthy weight training plan, this vitamin can help you build lean muscle, speed up your metabolism, and burn fat.

Because this powder doesn’t dissolve easily, some people buy vegetarian capsules and fill them themselves. This way, they can control how much DHEA they take without having to try to mix it into a drink.

8. DHEA Maximum Strength by aSquared Nutrition

ASquared Nutrition - DHEA Supplements
ASquared Nutrition – DHEA Supplements
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DHEA Maximum Strength from aSquared Nutrition helps both men and women keep their hormone levels in check. Each bottle has 200 pills or servings, and each one has 100mg of pure DHEA.

The brand says that DHEA may help keep and boost energy levels, promote proper metabolic function and libido, and keep the mood and hormone levels in balance.

The supplement is made in a GMP-compliant plant in the U.S., and it has been tested many times to make sure it is pure. Adults should take one capsule a day as needed and not exceed two pills a day, according to aSquared Nutrition.

9. Havasu Nutrition DHEA Extra Strength

HAVASU Nutrition - DHEA Supplements
HAVASU Nutrition – DHEA Supplements
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If you want to get more energy, this is the best DHEA product. Havasu Nutrition works with other companies interested in health to develop the best ways to naturally help people with their health problems.

This product has only the best ingredients and can help improve your health, confidence, and energy.

Havasu Nutrition DHEA is made with a formula with no chemicals, preservatives, sugars, or artificial ingredients. This means that you can be sure you’re taking DHEA supplements which is a completely natural vitamins.

This DHEA vitamin not only makes you feel better and gives you more energy, but it will also help you keep your muscles lean. 

The mix of ingredients gives you the essential nutrients your body needs to have long-lasting energy and fight age so you can do your best.

10. NatureBell Maximum Strength DHEA

NatureBell - DHEA Supplements
NatureBell – DHEA Supplements
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The goal of NatureBell Maximum Strength DHEA is to help with energy, metabolism, and stamina. Each bottle comes with 200 pills or servings, each of which has 100mg of pure DHEA.

NatureBell says that if you take DHEA regularly, you may have more energy and stamina and feel more active and happy in general.

The supplement is made and checked by a third party in the United States. It is free of GMOs, gluten, dairy, sugar, and soy. NatureBell says that for the best results, you should take one pill a day with food.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is DHEA-S?

DHEA-S stands for dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate, which is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands. DHEA-S is a sulfated form of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), a precursor hormone that is converted into various sex hormones, including estrogen and testosterone, in the body.

2. Does intake of DHEA lead to hormone sensitive cancers?

The relationship between DHEA intake and hormone sensitive cancers is complex and not definitively answered by a simple yes or no. The effects of DHEA on cancer risk are still being studied, and the available research has provided mixed results. Some studies suggest a potential association between high levels of DHEA and an increased risk of certain hormone-sensitive cancers, such as breast and prostate cancer. However, other studies have not found a clear link or have even suggested a potential protective effect of DHEA against certain cancers. It’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice and to consider the individual’s specific circumstances before making any decisions regarding DHEA supplementation.

3. Does DHEA reduce body fat?

The effects of DHEA on body fat are not straightforward and can vary among individuals. While some studies have suggested that DHEA supplementation may lead to modest reductions in body fat, other research has not found significant effects. It’s important to note that the impact of DHEA on body fat is likely influenced by various factors, including individual differences, dosage, duration of use, and lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise. Consulting with a healthcare professional can provide personalized guidance based on your specific needs and circumstances.

Wrapping Up

DHEA supplements are no longer limited to persons with low testosterone levels or postmenopausal women looking to reverse the effects of menopause. If you believe your health is deteriorating due to age, DHEA pills may be the most significant answer.

We’ve compiled a list of the best DHEA supplement products to make your life easier. These products provide a safe, pure, and natural option that can provide your body with all the hormones required to stay fit and young, such as DHEA and growth hormone. Because these are not stimulant medications, no adverse effects or drug interactions exist.

The national collegiate athletic association has banned DHEA supplements for athletes, as they may have side effects, hence be cautious.

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