Drinking on a Diet: One Drink, One Cocktail

While we’re on the topic of drinking – Frozen Mint Julep – we should discuss how drinking those delicious cocktails affects your diet and fitness because if you’re having more than a few drinks a week, those calories start to add up fast! In a recent study, research found that women would consume more than 1,000 calories in alcoholic drink alone in a single night out. Wow!

However, there are a bunch of ways to have fun drinking without killing your diet, but the one tip we find that works the best is alternating between cocktails and glasses of water. Not only are you cutting calories, but you’re also making sure to keep yourself hydrated for tomorrow’s workout and you’ll do wonders to prevent (or reduce) the next days hangover.

Couple this advice with a slimmer cocktail and you won’t feel nearly as guilty the next day. Enjoy and be safe!


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