Hardcore Weight Loss Tips: #4

If you are committed to losing weight, you have to eat healthy and exercise, but unfortunately, it can be a lot harder than just that. So, here are the other types tips that will help you lose weight, so on to Hardcore Weight Loss Tip #4!


Logically, it would seem the best way to lose weight it to simply “eat less“, but that can be misleading because eating less food has a tendency to make us hungry starving. And when we get hungry, we need to eat. Like, now! There’s more to it than just eating less….


Eating foods that simply have less calories – fewer calories – might seem like best way to fight hunger; however, this doesn’t quite solve the problem either. Since many foods with fewer calories also tend to be high in water, the food breaks down quickly in your digestive system – resulting in a second wave of hunger to come soon after.


Finally… the solution. The best foods to eat are ones that bulk up when it gets into your stomach and intestines. These are a good way to limit caloric intake, while suppressing the urge to eat more soon afterwards. ‘Bulky’ foods are those, like some vegetables, that are high in soluble fiber. These food will create a ‘gel’ in your stomach and expand; leaving you fuller, for longer.

Additionally, vegetables that are high in cellulose, an indigestible carbohydrate, will also become more bulky in the body.

For 1 cup servings, these low-calorie foods have a good amount of fiber to help you eat less, while staying full.

Raspberries: 8g of fiber (65 calories)

Broccoli: 5.1g of fiber (31 calories)

Peas: 8.8g of fiber (118 calories)

Black Beans: 15g of fiber (218 calories)

Lentils: 15.6g of fiber (230 calories)


One more tip: if you’re into drinking shakes in the morning or after a workout, the popular supplemental fiber, Metamucil, which aids in digestion, can be added to shakes to help keep you full. Just be sure to drink up quickly, otherwise the shake will ‘gel’ before it gets into your body.

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