How to Get Killer Calves!

When it comes to getting toned legs, your calves deserve the same amount of attention as your thighs! Having strong and toned calf muscles makes your legs look amazing in high heels and will help boost your overall training and exercise performance.

To get well-defined calves you need higher reps and lighter weight to allow you to fully contract your calf muscles and stimulate growth. These exercises encourage lots of reps and will give you those stunning legs you’re looking for…

Jumping Rope


While jumping rope  you spend a lot of time on your toes and the longer you jump, the more those calves will be working and getting toned.

Stair Climber


As you walk up stairs, your calves are working hard. If you stay on your toes on your way up a flight of stairs, your calves are going to feel the burn. Sprint up a flight of stairs and you’ll get some awesome cardio at the same time!

Calf Raisescalf-raise

Stand while facing a wall and gently place your hands on it for balance. Rise onto your toes so your heels are slightly off the ground. Roll through your toes so that your body goes up a few inches and engage your calf muscle as you reach the top. Slowly lower your heels down without letting them touch the floor. Alternatively, you can hang your heels off the end of an elevated surface like a low bench, stool or stair.

Want slimmer legs?

If you’re looking to reducing the size of your calves you will need to focus on decreasing body fat in general through your diet. By eating a calorie deficit you will lose body fat (never a bad thing!) and that will include the fat surrounding your calves. However, this deficit will also result in a slight loss of total body muscle mass, but a reduction in the weight that your legs have to carry around on a daily basis will cause the muscle size in your calves to shrink. When your muscles don’t have to work as hard, they’ll naturally reduce in size to maintain maximum efficiency – something your body is always working at doing.

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