Buns & Abs Tabata

This abs and buns workout contains 10 exercises total. You’re in charge of the total duration of this routine. There is no true rest between any of the exercises in this abs and booty workout. Your workload is 40 seconds of work with 20 second of rest. One round = 5 minutes. Aim for three-five total rounds if you are an advanced athlete.

The best way to up your fitness level is to vary your workouts between, cardio, strength, HIIT, yoga and of course rest. It’s really easy to become bored with the same old workout day in and out. Vary your daily workout fun. Grab a buddy or even wrangle up a group of friends to join in the healthy changes you are making. Fitness friends are friends for life.

Here are the moves:

1) Frogger Low Stepback Squats
2) High Knees (active rest)
3) Turning Long Jumps
4) Squat Hold (active rest)
5) Rotational Kick Up Kick Out
6) V-Ups (active rest)
7) Sit Up Ball Toss
8) Mountain Climbers (active rest)
9) Lateral Hops with Mule Kick
10) Standing Mule Kick (active rest)



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