How to whittle your waist without resorting to a corset

Let’s face it, there is nothing sexier than a tiny waist. I know I feel better when mine is on the smaller side, but there is a reasonable and healthy way to achieve a slimmer waistline. While corsets are making a resurgence they are not the best thing for the body, breathing is constricted, organs are shoved together and bones don’t feel great mashed about.


Side Plank: 3 sets x 30 secsside-plank-30-sec

The side plank is deceptive. It may look easy but this position works your muscles like a machine for building strength and stability while targeting the obliques and your abdomen, as well as your abs, butt, back and shoulders.


Fly Up: 3 sets x 20 pulses

The fly up works your biggest muscle group in the abdomen – rectus abdominus. When this muscles is toned, it helps to tighten up the

Cat & Cow: 3 sets x 10 pulses

Taken from yoga, this stretch helps burn fat and whittle down waist size, while also also helpful in enhancing the flexibility of the spine.

No need for a corset when you have exercises like these at your finger tips!


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