The Most Powerful Leafy Greens to Eat

Go green! Well if you haven’t already that is. There are so many leafy greens to choose from these days and with kale being a household word and all. You should be incorporating greens into as many of your daily meals as possible. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, low in calories and high in fiber – great always and especially if you are trying to drop weight. Most doctors prescribe 3 cups of greens a day – which isn’t really that much.

These are a few different greens you may not have in rotation.


Otherwise know as sprouts, are simply the first sprouting of vegetables such as chard, broccoli and arugula. They are mild and pack high levels or carotenoids – up to 5 times greater levels – that the vegetables themselves. They are also loaded with beta-carotene and vitamin C. If you are growing them at home, when they are about two inches high is the perfect time to add them to a salad or sandwich.

Sea Greens
The richest most robust source of chlorophyll you will find, but probably not in your local market. Sea greens have minerals and vitamins that oxygenate your blood and help to keep you healthy. They are also considered complete foods meaning they have essential amino acids in their compound, and can be completely absorbed into your body. An easy way to add them to your diet is to add them to smoothies – look for spirulina.

Collard Greens
Looking for a natural way to lower cholesterol? Look no further! Collard greens bind with extracts in your digestive tract which helps to aid the elimination of cholesterol from you body. They are packed full of vitamins, K, A and C too. Not sure how to prepare them? Steaming is an option which is better to the removal of cholesterol. Another method would be to sauté with olive oil, onion, salt and pepper. Once cooked down, add low sodium vegetable broth and simmer for up to an hour.

Everyone knows of spinach, but do you know the health benefits? Spinach is a great provider of vitamin C, 47% of the recommended daily allowance in a mere 1/2 cup. Vitamin C is paramount in helping find free radicals and fighting off disease – a powerful antioxidant. Spinach also has over 400% of the daily recommended allowance of vitamin K. Vitamin K is known for strengthening bone mass.

Red and Green Leaf Lettuce
Probably one of the most common leafy greens around are the red and green leaf lettuces. Its mild flavor makes them easy to add to any salad or sandwich adding nutrients to your meal with basically no calories. Not sure if  you know, but the darker the greens, the more nutritious, so choose the red variety when you can for more nutrients. Why not pre-pack a salad for lunch tomorrow with these tasty greens?


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