Lay Off The Avocado Already! Less Fat, Lose More

You can’t get away from them. They are everywhere. On your friend’s Instagram posts, in restaurants, and in large quantities at your local healthy grocery stores piled up high to a pyramid-like shape. What is this fat bomb of a product that everyone is pushing nowadays? It’s avocado! Granted avocado is packed with the healthy kind of fat through omega-3 fatty acids that in the right amount is actually good for you, but here’s the kicker. People are overdoing it, which can lead to weight gain. Are you one of them? Here are a few ways to tell if you are eating too much avocado.


GuacamoleYou Eat: A Whole One Or More Than That Per Day

Okay, if you are trying to lose weight the maximum amount of avocado you want to eat per day is ⅓. Keep in mind that a medium sized whole avocado has almost 25 grams of fat. That’s practically the amount of fat you should eat in a whole day. A serving that’s ⅓ of the avocado has only about 8 grams of fat, which isn’t that bad if you have it only once a day.


You Eat: An Avocado With More Than One Meal

If you are having avocado multiple times per day, it’s going to add up rather quickly and you may not even realize it. So if you think having avocado toast in the morning, a salad topped with avocado for lunch and a giant portion of guacamole with dinner isn’t overdoing it, then you are wrong. You are easily going over what you should be eating fat-wise to lose any weight.



You Post: Too Many Avocado Shots 

Alright avocado addict, take a look over your Instagram feed. How many shots include that little green monster? Just kidding, an avocado isn’t a monster, in fact it’s an adorable little fruit. For those of you who thought it was a veggie, quietly bow your heads in shame. Just kidding again. Actually we do have a point here. If your social media feed is loaded with pictures of avocado, maybe it’s time to explore some other foods.

For healthy fats you can explore snacking on a handful of walnuts or almonds, chia seeds blended into Greek yogurt, or salmon for any of your meals. All of these foods have those good for you fats that will help your body digest foods better to absorb the nutrients you need.

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