Slim Your Thighs and Lift Your Booty

This one is a doozy! The video below will show you each of the moves, from there, it is all on you. You will need a timer or stop watch that you can see and hear. You will need to set it for 45 seconds, and 15 seconds. I consider this a more advanced workout.

This is how it goes. 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds of high knees. Then move on to the next move.

Here are the butt lift exercises included in this workout: You are going to go through this 3 times.

1) Burpees With Forward Backward Jump
2) Over Unders
3) Pistol Squat With 1 Leg Pushup
4) Elbow Up Burpees
5) Frog Squats
6) Leg Drop And Knee Hug
7) Krav Pushups With Forward Jump

BONUS: 25 4x4s: 4 High Knees + 4 Inside Feet


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