Simple, Smart Eating.

If you are already pretty healthy and exercise regularly, counting calories and tracking… Every. Little. Thing. You. Eat. Shouldn’t be your way of life.

Tracking your calorie consumption and following a strict diet regime has its place if you are just starting your weight loss journey, but it isn’t for everyone. Well, lucky for you, Alton Brown has a unique – yet simple – strategy for eating smart.

Alton Brown builds his meals based on the number of times a week he allows himself to eat certain foods. What special about his technique is that he only completely cuts out certain – particularly unhealthy – foods, while still allowing a few indulgent foods just one time a week.

The ‘No-No’ foods should be off-limits no matter what, but building out a smart eating plan that you can actually follow and doesn’t require an advanced mathematics degree, could make meal time a lot more enjoyable and healthy.

Below is an eat-to-follow chart of Alton Brown’s 4-List Plan, but you can alter it to fit your diet needs. And as always, eat in moderation and exercise regularly… enjoy!

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