Get Outdoors this Summer!

The sun is out and all you want is to get out on a beach wearing your favorite bikini but without all that flab from spring eating. To all those women who hate to go to gym or workout, there is a fun way to lose all that unwanted body fat to get a gorgeous toned body. Summertime is the best time to practice outdoor workouts. The days are long and bright, enough to motivate you to get into some physical activity. Anyone can who wishes to shed fat and still enjoy working out can try these five outdoor activities for better health.



Cardio is the best exercise for human body as it tends to burn more calories in comparison to any other exercise. Quit your treadmill in summers and challenge yourself for a good walk across the park. Choose difficult tracks where you can balance your body while crossing small obstacles, dodging hurdles and pushing yourself for longer distance. The best advantage of walking/jogging is its benefits on overall health of the person despite of the age. Many people enjoy jogging on different terrains covered with beautiful view. Explore new places alone or with your partner, increase your pace every day to challenge yourself.


Desire to have a long toned legs like diva, then cycling will do miracles on your lower body. Cycling is the best way to keep your legs moving and heart pumping even when its practices on a slower pace. Yes, this physical activity might be difficult for women who are suffering from bone problem or any specific health issue. But, if you are healthy, cycling will get you back in shape, improve your heart condition, strengthen your lungs, work on your balance and make you more alert.


The best way to beat the heat is to cool down your body under water. Swimming pool is the best way to stay cool yet burn all that extra fat from your body. A few laps every day can improve your metabolism, tone your body and burn loads of calories. It’s a highly refreshing way to work out on a hot summer day.



Too much heat can make you feel drained and lethargic all the time. Working out in such condition can be really tough for your body. Yoga is the best way to keep your body healthy in summers and cope up with the changing weather. By doing some of the very basic yoga exercise, one can increase their metabolism, reduce stress, and cool down body. To enjoy this whole process, try practicing yoga in a garden or on a beach surrounded by nature.

Summers are the best time to get out of the house and get connected to the nature. The best way to get a toned figure in summers is to get out and enjoy any kind of physical activity with your friends or family. Working out under the morning sun can be really fun, all you need is some motivation. So, this summer make sure to burn out the calories to get back in shape with simple outdoor exercises. Pick whatever you want from these five activities, just remember to enjoy and keep moving forward to achieve stronger, leaner body.

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