Finally… Toned Arms!

It’s annoying. It really is! Since our triceps don’t see much action day-to-day,we’re required to dedicate our precious, limited time to focus on this muscle group just so we can wave “goodbye” to people without our arms giggling like mad.

To make the situation worse, for some reason, tricep exercises are easy to mess up! Some of the moves are can be awkward and unnatural, which leads to bad form, limited results and possible injury. Not only does this workout walk you through a great tricep workout, but they provide crystal clear tips on how to perform each move properly.

First, start with 3-5 minutes of losening-up those arms, then complete 3 sets of 15 reps for the following exercises:
-Overhead tricep extensions
-Tricep kickbacks
-Tricep push-ups
-Dips on a bench or study chair


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