Target: Burn Chest Fat

You already know that ultimately the ONLY way to eliminate/reduce fat is to have a clean diet and exercise. Yes, the change is made in the kitchen, ok, so. Now onto burning fat/leaning out the chest. The moves below will target his area. Once you get started, you should become fatigued in a short amount of time. The chest is a small area and thus the muscles will become tired more quickly than if you were working your quads. Try and work up to three rounds of this. Once you lean out and drop weight your hard work with exercises similar to this will start to show! Have fun!

Here are the moves:

1) Incline Wide Chest Press (7)
2) Incline Narrow Chest Press (7)
3) Incline Palms Facing Inward Chest Press (7)
4) Pushup With Pop Up
5) Flat Bench Chest Press (7)
6) Flat Bench Narrow Chest Press (7)
7) Flat Bench Palms Facing Inward Chest Press (7)
8) Pushup With Pop Up



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