The Yoga “Diet”

Hardcore Yogis view food differently than the rest of us. They see food as more than a simple energy source. Yogis believe food can be a way of purifying one’s body and soul, which is why it is crucial to keep a wise diet, based mainly on natural food. Together with the variety of exercises yoga offers, a natural foods diet can be your key to a healthy  body, mind and soul.apples-600x475

It is important to mind the things we consume, in order to prevent illnesses and discomforts during a yoga session. Now that we’ve covered the idea of eating natural foods, you may be wondering about specifics what should you be adding to your plate?  Fruits and vegetables (raw, cooked, frozen or dried) contain essential fibers and vitamins, and thus should be a permanent component of each meal. Other smart choices for natural foods include raw nuts, lean meats, eggs, fish, quinoa, humus, plain yogurt, steel cut oats, lentils, and brown rice…phew!  This is in no way a complete list; these are merely a few examples of these natural foods that ought to make up the majority of your diet. You will also want to stay away from highly processed foods such as packaged cookies/crackers, lunch meats, cereal and anything with heaps of added sugar.quinoa

Avoiding these packaged and processed foods can be especially difficult for those of us living an on-the-go lifestyle. Fear not! A little planning and advance prep is the solution to this problem. If you throw a handful of almonds and a banana into your backpack/briefcase ahead of time, you will not be tempted to hit the vending machine for that mid-morning pick-me-up. Use the weekend to prep enough snacks to get through the work week so you can simply grab and go!

Another important issue to address is that some women tend to skip meals when they are trying to get in shape. While it is true that cutting calories can lead to weight loss, it can only last for so long. Your body needs nutrients in order to properly function (and contort into poses like Pigeon and Triangle!). Eat natural, whole foods whenever you are hungry, and stop eating as soon as you begin to feel full. Pay attention to the quantity and quality of food you consume, and your body will be primed for the next yoga session.

In short, don’t skimp on calories just for the sake of looking great in those yoga pants. Follow the yoga “diet” and make thoughtful decisions about what you put into your body.

What do you eat before a yoga session?

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