12 Minute HIIT Workout

Kick off your day with this ridiculous routine. This one is longer than traditional HIIT workouts, and you know what…that is perfectly fine. You are a strong athlete. You’ve been following our fitness suggestions for quite a while now, meaning you are set to knock this out of the park. Remember to get a nice dynamic warm up, strap on your heart rate monitor and get going. Post how much you like this one!

This is what you’ll be doing 2 sets of 6 bodyweight exercises in total. For your 15 seconds of “rest” between each exercise you’ll be doing an Exploding Jump Squat, followed by 45 seconds of work for each of the body weight exercises.

Here are the moves:

1) Power Pushup with a Ninja Jump Tuck – Explosive move that also hits the arms
2) Reptile on the Run – Get your heart pumping and work the arms and chest with this one move.
3) Jump Lunge with a Hop – There are several modifications of this killer leg move depending on your level
4) Hand Step Up with a Pushup – This challenges the arms, chest and back, and can be done on toes or knees depending on your level
5) Donkey Kick and Elbows to Knee – Another killer explosive move that will get your heart rate up
6) One Leg Rollback Pistols – Great for legs and abs



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