3 Seriously Crazy Weight Loss Gimmicks!

We all want to be healthy, there’s no question about it. Some do it by eating right, exercising, or a mixture of both, but whatever you do, don’t try these absolutely silly, borderline insane, weight loss gimmicks.



Cold Dieting is one of the more recent diets… but is just as crazy as any other diet outside eating healthy and regular exercise, or simply living a more moderate lifestyle. Supposedly, subjecting to freezing-cold temperature for 3 hours a day will help you burn an extra 500 (EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE) calories. However, in the real world, actual science  shows a significantly more moderate 5%-7% increase in caloric expenditure.

ABC News



Now this is one diet we all wish to be true, but seriously? Seriously! You actually think eating cookies will help you lose weight? Never. Absolutely never…. well, maybe, but the logic behind this diet is actually just calorie cutting. The diet allows the more extreme weight loss victims 6 cookies a day (or 1,000 calories)… and that’s it! Realistically, this could be the “Lasagna Diet” or “Pizza Diet”, so long as you only consume 1,000 calories. It’s not healthy, it definitely not safe, and you should think twice about jumping into any diet that makes ABSOLUTELY ZERO sense.

The Cookie Diet




Ok. Ok. Now this one might seem insane. Crazy. Or just plain stupid. And you’d be correct! You may be tempted to say, “Ok, but I can see how this would help you lose weight”. Just stop it. Right now, just stop it. The so-called “Tapeworm Diet” is extremely dangerous. These lil’ critters can eat through your intestines, end up in your brain or any number of other areas in your body. Plus! While the disgusting tapeworm is inside you stripping your body of nutrients, you look bloated and.. well, probably just weird.

There are several crazy and truly sad stories of people trying this illegal weight loss method that never ends well. So, think twice before you jump in to any new diet-fad and use your head.

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